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How long after my order will I receive my product?

Once the campaign has ended and met the minimum quantity we’ll start producing the products.

We ship your order after the production has ended and delivery times for shipping vary between 10 to 15 working days.

The prodution times vary depending on the product:

T-Shirts: 15-25 days

Hoodies: 20-30 days

Rings: 20-25 days

Shirts: 25-30 days

Long Jacket: 25-30 days

Windbreaker: 25-30 days

Shoes: 40-60 days

Sweatshirts: 20-25 days

Where do you make your products?

We primarily make our products in China and in some other countries as well.

What sizes do the products come in?

Our products come in six different sizes, Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and Extra-Extra Large (XS, S, L, M, XL, XXL).

What are your products made of?

Our products are made of different materials, depending on the manufacturer and the product. When we get fashions from designers, we send them to various factories and they recommended us to a variety of materials. We advise designer fabrics and tailoring prices of different materials together and choose the best option for every model.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can, just send us an email at team@factoryofbrands.com so we can help you out!

How do I change my shipping address or make changes to my order?

Our awesome customer service team will make any changes you would like to make, simply send us an email.

For international orders, are VAT and other duty fees included in the price?

Please note that customs and VAT fees are not included in the price. You will be required to pay these expenses upon arrival (depending on your country).

Is Factory of Brands secure?

Absolutely! Our site is encrypted, we have a verified SSL certificate, and do not store any sensitive billing information on our servers. All billing information is handled by our PCI Level 1 (the highest) compliant credit card processor.


Any additional questions and inquiries can be sent to the following email: team@factoryofbrands.com