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Many designers have a dream to create and sell their own collections. However, opportunities to realize their dreams has a few of the designers…

To create a fully operating company simply is not enough to be a designer. You need money, experience in manufacturing, distribution, creation of websites, financing, organization of storage, packing, shipping things, working with clients, rent offices and warehouses, hiring people and much more.
We decided to create an opportunity. The most important thing to eliminate the financial and organizational risks for designers.

We invite to work of various designers who would like to try yourself in a real the design of collection. We negotiated with the designer what type of clothing he will do for us. Commission based. The better will be sale clothes made by this designer the bigger reward.

With the most successful selling designers we will conclude permanent contracts. And someone might become the chief designer of the brand. We are not interested in a resume and past accomplishments. We are only interested in talent, creativity and teamwork to develop commercially successful clothing.

First of all, we will be able to check on how successful you are as a designer. But this question can answered only by market. If people are buying your stuff, then you are a successful designer. If not, then you need to work on more commercially successful design.

To start successful companies usually only money is not enough. If you short of money (and it happens in 90% of cases), then you are in big trouble. We will help you to realize your design in product without any risk to you.
Our team will help you to achieve your dream!

Team Factory of brands

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